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Fraud Detection

While there is no fool proof method for completely preventing fraud, the risk can be reduced. Currently, processes for fraud investigations are time-consuming, manual, sample based and generally after the fact. EVS™ casts a wide net to capture all business conversations and add them to the investigative mix, simplifying and expediating processes. Add another layer to the investigative process, monitoring recorded conversations to provide a more expansive view of the business.

How EVS™ Helps Fraud Detection:

Analyse populations, not just a sample. EVS™ takes a population view of your audience, identifying relevant speakers.

Identify fraudulent factors: verify red flags, pinpoint specific phenomena which has occurred before, during or after a fraudulent incident.

Multi-speaker analysis: real holistic view of telephone conversations.

Biometric identification: EVS™ applies an added layer of security to traditional biometric identification systems, accounting for more security and higher accuracy.

Key phrase, keyword identification: EVS™ is more than speech to text. It identifies lexical and syntactical patterns in conversation – link associations, group suspects.

Rapid transcriptions: all text from speech include emotional markers, coloured words separate emotions and sentiment for clarity.

Real-time or batched capability: program EVS™ to work effectively in real-time or after the fact.

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