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Script Adherence With EVS

Traditionally, the auditing process for script adherence has been manual and time consuming, relying on a few call samples across multiple business units. The voice channel in your business creates hundreds of conversations a day, but of these conversations, do you know how many scripts were adhered to accurately?

With EVS™, both sides of every single conversation that occur across your business can now be analysed and audited automatically – no more trying to find the needle in the haystack.

Using EVS for script adherence:

Improve script adherence: Monitor every call and conversation, not just a sample; accurately and quickly identify script issues without having to listen to each call recording.

Enhance staff training: Identify staff that need further training with script adherence by quickly pinpointing real life examples.

Script refinement: Identify situations where scripts need refinement and support calibration sessions with actual evidence at rapid speed.

Improve customer service: Identify scripts that customers find objectionable or confusing and improve them for maximum potential.

Stronger compliance culture: Instill a strong culture of compliance with greater vigilance, tighter script adherence and better trained staff.

Automation: Automate manual script adherence processes.

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