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Optimise business and streamline processes.


Business improvement may seem like an elusive term, but we mean it to its fullest implication. EVS™ improves business as it is intelligently enhanced to pinpoint problem areas in your business and provide you with the appropriate knowledge and tools to remedy the situations. Through the tools which EVS™ provides such as call monitoring and real-time customer satisfaction identification, businesses have the opportunity to enhance training and collaboration, and improve up on the challenge that is first call resolution, ultimately increasing your NPS and allowing you to make transformative changes to get your business to where you want it to be.

For business improvement

Validate CX/Customer Satisfaction/Net Promoter Score

How is your business rated? Get the highest scores you can get.


Monitor calls to detect the parts of a conversation that work and that don't work.


EVS lets you know which agent is for which customer, so there is always a harmony in your business.

Early Intervention
for FCR

It’s a jungle out there, but you just need the right tools to help your agents with FCR.