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Customer Experience Technology Trends to watch in 2018

How to invest in Customer Experience technology to move the NPS bar?

Have you ever seen one of those super-popular IKEA bead maze toys? The task is to take each block for a ride through a series of twists and turns and deliver it safely from start to finish. Customer Experience has a similar task — to map the customer journey and find out enough about your customers to safely guide them through their process.

Customer Experience technology solutions help businesses do just that: find out which of the journeys the customer is on, what are their biggest road blocks and what causes them to pause or even fall off their tracks.

But how to navigate the complex waters of Customer Experience technology? Here is a rundown of the hottest solutions that will make the difference to your customers and thus, your bottom line.

Customer Experience Technology Ikea MULA bead maze

Customer Experience technology helps to guide customers on their journey

CX Tech that Speeds up Feedback Process

If your focus is on getting more information about your customers, automating the customer surveying process is a great way to start. CX metrics are still largely based on Net Promoter Score. Although measuring your customer’s loyalty to the brand does not improve the relationship, capturing the feedback is a key to building a successful Voice of the Customer program.

Automated surveys capture the text or voice-based answers submitted by customers at the end of the NPS questionnaire. This unstructured input is transcribed, so you can get to those comments much faster.


Qualtrics: for all-encompassing survey experience

InQuba: for  capturing the survey responses, crunching and visualising the data


  • information about NPS drivers
  • unstructured feedback transcript
  • feedback linked to event / touchpoint/ contact person/ customer ID
  • prioritized list of customer pain points

CX Tech that Consolidates Customer Data

The common opinion is that customer knowledge is gold, but having it arrive in various forms from a multitude of sources feels more like having to deal with a ton of coppers.

Centralized Dashboards that combine customer data from various sources are the talk of the CX town right now. Advanced, AI-powered analytical engines can simultaneously crunch incoming data from CRMs, surveys, phone calls, social media listening tools, chat and any other intelligence sources or customer touch points.


Medallia: captures feedback and integrates it with other customer data points

SAS: integrated customer intelligence platform

MaritzCX: collecting, validating, and integrating customer data


  • a comprehensive view of the customer
  • common buying patterns
  • customer journey visibility
  • map the hell out of the customer journeys with access to so many data points, the patterns will be begging to be shaped into marketing campaigns
  • predict customer needs

CX Tech that Minimises Customer Effort

Customer Effort is a huge building block of the overall experience. Unfortunately, most companies rely on systems set up in a pre-CX era. Now, the cumbersome character of these structures is becoming a roadblock, preventing businesses from delivering a quality that a modern customer has come to expect after interacting with the likes of Uber or Airbnb. As Medibank’s David Koczkar noted during his CX Tech Fest presentation

“Your customers do not compare you to your competitors. They compare you to every business out there.”

Customers do not care about what is going on behind the scenes of your internal process. All they want to do is accomplish their goal with minimal pain and time.


Zendesk: for seamless, omnichannel customer service

Jacada: for Omnichannel contact centre

Netguru: for Business App development outsourcing


  • shorter resolution time
  • minimized call volume
  • budget and workforce savings
  • improved customer satisfaction

CX Tech that Tracks Emotion

According to the Temkin Group founder, Bruce Temkin, Emotion, next to Effort and Success is one of the pillars of the Customer Experience. However, while the other two are diligently measured, Emotion keeps eluding analytics specialists.

Thanks to machine learning and natural language processing, it is now possible to use voice as a source of information about emotion. For retailers, one of the most intriguing sources of emotion data is facial recognition.

In the case of businesses, who rarely see their customers face-to-face but connect with them regularly via call centers, voice-based conversation analytics is the solution that can easily combine emotional data with the contents of the call and deliver emotional patterns around the brand, product, service, touch-points or campaigns.


Resonate: Instant facial-recognition-based and emotion rating

Call Journey: Voice-based conversation analytics and emotion rating


  • supercharge feedback process
  • find out what customers FEEL
  • discover emotion drivers
  • zero-in on particular keywords / topics / events to see emotion patterns
  • spot angry customers early, prevent them from churning
  • quickly assess what solutions make customers happy


There are no easy fixes with CX. Whatever Customer Experience technology you implement, it won’t automatically fix (sometimes deep-rooted) issues. However, CX solutions will help your business garner crucial information about your customers, the stage in their journey and the opinions they hold about your brand, products, services, and representatives.

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