Automating skill-based routing

Acoustic AI uses AI-driven analysis to create an acoustic emotional profile of both agents and callers, and routes future inbound and outbound calls based on those profiles. In mere seconds, Acoustic AI:

  • Identifies agent strengths, weaknesses and current emotional state
  • Evaluates the need and emotional condition of the customer when they call
  • Assesses historical context of the customer’s complaints and concerns
  • Considering the current emotional state of the agent before the call begins

Acoustic AI then routes the call to the ideal agent, reducing the risk of challenging customers and the need for intervention.



Automated Skill-Based Routing

Via advanced AI and profile matching, we automate skill-based routing to direct incoming calls with the best-suited agent or team members

Language Agnostic

Our software supports hundreds of spoken languages across the globe

No Transcription Required

Safeguarding of customer privacy, analysing only how it was said


Powerful, nimble and delivers ROI in weeks. Better matches = more revenue, happier agents and customers!

Business Benefits

Go Live in weeks

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