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10 top predictions for the Contact Centre of 2017

10 January 2017 -

With customer experience on everyone’s lips, the contact centre is about to undergo a major metamorphosis from an ugly duckling to the enterprise’s swan. Technology revolutionises the way contact centers operate and interact with customers and employees. Here are the 10 top predictions for the Contact Centre of 2017: 1. Forget the voice/chat/email divide The […]

Quantifying Customer Experience in the Age of Emotion

18 November 2015 -

Emotion trumps the product and the price. But how to capture and measure customer experience? In June, Forrester’s researcher Megan Burns caused a bit of a stir during New York Forrester’s Forum For Customer Experience Professionals proclaiming, that among the three customer experience dimensions – ease, effectiveness, and emotion, the last one plays the biggest […]

6 things that Net Promoter Score won’t tell you (but conversation analytics will).

20 October 2015 -

Net Promoter Score is a useful metric. It will indicate whether you have a problem but it won’t tell you what the problem is. That’s where the conversation analytics comes in.   “I keep six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where […]

How to do data analytics. A 101 crash course for CEOs who slept in.

22 September 2015 -

You want to join the competitors and start analysing your data, but think it’s too late to ask the basic questions? Worry not, this short compendium will guide you through the basics of data adoption for your company. By now, you can be sure that data analytics is not a fad. It was tried, tested […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Conversation Analytics

10 August 2015 -

Voice of the Customer is no longer a metaphor. A new wave of solutions allowing companies to literally hear and measure their business phone calls is here. This article is an introduction to conversation analytics. Speech analytics has been around for a while. Since its first commercial appearance over a decade ago, it has evolved, […]

Call off the call center funeral!

8 July 2015 -

In a customer service obsessed era, the pressure is on to diversify and offer multiple contact points. Here are 5 fundamental questions you need to ask yourself before going omnichannel. Self-service, email, social media, web chat, live video and apps. With all that digital extravaganza going on, an invention of good Mr Bell is at […]