The partnership between Avtex & Call Journey is set to revolutionize the way businesses gather and assess insights from voice data.
We’ve made it easy for you to sell and we have everything you’ll need to convert your leads. Here are your tools to win.

The Tool Kit

Winning new logos and retaining your customers is easy with conversation analytics

Email Templates

Demo Videos

Introducing a game-changer for Microsoft Customers - Conversation Analytics

Add large scale Voice Data into your analytics data mix with Call Journey

Harness the Power of Crucial Customer and Agent Insights

Watch this 6-minute video and find out how Call Journey is able to bridge the gap between audio sources and Business Analytics and Intelligence

Industry Verticals Frameworks

Turn your conversations data from audio recordings into rich customer and employee insights. Learn about the challenges, opportunities and risks, buying personas, use cases, and actionable outcomes for each industry vertical with Conversation Analytics.


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