• Ensure stickiness and adoption of Customer Insights
    • Position Conversation Insights for customers and employees as a key value add to C.I.
    • Drive adoption of voice data in C.I. for C.I. U.S. install base
    • Create strong example use cases for C.I. and Voice data enhancement
  • Ensure growth of Avtex Microsoft customer adoption via adding value to Avtex/Microsoft sales motions
    • Attract new logo and non-CI customers with Conversation Insights via Call Journey

Campaign Period:

  • October 2020 – December 2020


  • Identify 1 key customer and provide FREE solution for adoption, and to use a reference
  • Close 5-20 deals by end of calendar year – aim for 1 per AE/BDM


Significantly enhance customer and employee insights by adding voice data to Customer Insights and/or Dynamics 365 apps.

Target Audience:

  • Avtex Install base – North America
  • Organizations with high voice-based customer interactions
  • Buying Personas/Interested parties
    • CX/CCO – Customer Experience responsible leaders
    • CMO – Marketing responsible leaders
    • General Counsel/Head of Risk – Risk, compliance & governance responsible leaders
    • CHRO – Human resource responsible leaders

Qualifying Questions:

  • How much of your customer interactions is via your voice channel/s?
  • What is the predominant way you liaise with your customers in that channel?
  • Call Centre
  • UCaas
  • Are you recording calls in your call center today?
  • If YES, what call center or recording platform are you using? (Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, etc.)
  • Where do CX initiatives sit in your list of priorities?
  • Where do Risk Management & Compliance initiatives sit in your list of priorities?
  • Where do Employee Performance and employee engagement initiatives sit in your list of priorities?
  • Where do customer journey mapping initiatives sit in your list of priorities?
  • Do you think you TRULY have a 360-degree view of your customer, patient or citizen. How about your employees?
  • Is voice/conversation data your customer/employee blind spot?
  • Are you interested in getting more value out of Customer Insights by adding Voice Data?
  • Is automation and efficiency a key focus?

Positioning Questions:

  • What sources of data are you using at the moment for insights into Customer and employees?
  • Post the initial impacts of Covid – has this amplified your need more effective and informative data around your employees and customers?
  • If you could get hold of better and more insightful data around customers and employees, how would that help with:
    • NPS
    • Campaign performance/ROI
    • Customer Effort measures
    • Customer Journey mapping validation
    • Risk and Compliance controls
    • Employee health and well being and performance
  • Are you capturing & analyzing that voice data for your CX, Compliance or Employee Performance initiatives?
  • Have you seen the value voice data and conversation insights can add via your Microsoft Solutions?
  • What customer data are you trying to capture today? (most customers use what is readily available and would LOVE voice data if it was easy to access and affordable)


  • Standard Setup Fee: $2,000 (recording platforms: Genesys, AWS, Twilio, Avaya, Cisco, cloud platforms, etc.)
  • Non-Standard Setup Fee: $5,000 (Verint, NICE –  if encrypted, additional $5,000)
  • Audio Processing:
    • Pay-as-You Go: $1.00 per audio hour, invoiced monthly. NO RISK – Cancel as needed.
    • Annual subscription: Can be consumed two ways;
      • 36,000 annual hours.
        1. $27,000 up front
        2. 2.$2,450 per month for 12 months

Example 1:  Customer wants annual subscription, platform = Verint (not encrypted)

$5,000 Setup Fee + $27,000 = $32,000 OR  $5,000 initial fee + Monthly payments = $2,450 per month.

Annual total = $32,000 up front OR Annual total = $34,400 via 12 x monthly payments

Example 2:  Customer wants Pay-as-you-Go, platform = Genesys processing 2,000 hours per month

$2,000 Setup Fee + monthly invoice.  $2,000 initial fee + invoice = $2,000 per month.

Annual total = $26,000


Avtex Reward Campaign

October – December 2020


SPIF between now and end of 2020:

  • $1,000 to any AE for any Call Journey deal
  • If Avtex reaches 10 deals, the SPIF goes to $1,500 per deal per AE
  • If Avtex reaches 15 deals, the SPIF goes to $1,750 per deal per AE
  • If Avtex reaches 20 deals, the SPIF goes to $2,000 per deal per AE

Sales Assets:


  • Target customer list from Avtex
  • Call Journey available to support on Discovery Calls and Demo’s as needed
  • Online demo’s available on Sales Asset page
  • Webinar to be scheduled ASAP
  • Webinar on Demand available
  • Quote & Contracts provided by Call Journey