Beyond business-as-usual: improving CX through a more robust data security and privacy

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Beyond business-as-usual: improving CX through a more robust data security and privacy

With customer privacy and data security as its top priority, Call Journey, the market-leading Conversation Analytics provider, takes a further leading position on data security, setting up dedicated data security experts to bolster compliance and risk mitigation standards.

Melbourne, VIC | August 2019 – With a massive amount of data traversing through cloud nowadays, a robust data protection guideline in both private and public companies is important more so than ever before. Global regulators and proactive organisations are making huge strides to control and protect the streamline of data transfer and discovery.

As the provider of market-leading Conversation Analytics technology that deals with huge volumes of sensitive data from contact centre audio recordings, Call Journey takes data protection even further with a dedicated team of experts to ensure that the company is constantly improving, meeting, and sustaining relevant security standards.

The newly inducted Chief-Information-Officer (CIO) Simon Bond aims for the company “to become fully security accredited and to systematically detect any security issues and adjust our security measures to new threats and technologies proactively”. He said, “It will also help us communicate to our clients how seriously we take security and how their data will be managed by Call Journey. This will give them more confidence that the risk of a data breach has been mitigated and that we are all taking all the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of their (and their clients) data.”

Bond specialises in development, Geographic Information System (GIS) and security. He has over 20 years of experience in utility and defense industries, including a six-year experience in the Royal Australian Navy. As Call Journey CIO, he now heads the management and implementation of the IT systems required for the business to meet its objectives.

Call Journey’s new Security Operations Officer, Christopher Chavez, who has an extensive experience in policy and vulnerability management, security architecture and design, and system intrusions and threat assessments, to name a few, believes that data protection “will not only prevent breaches that can hurt the business but also strengthen customers’ trust. It can help the company gain a competitive advantage and improve the company’s reputation.”

Putting great emphasis on data privacy, Call Journey also aims to help more businesses improve their own compliance and risk mitigation processes.

“Call Journey’s solution touches on a number of areas where a client has both the responsibility to prevent and manage compliance and risks issues as well as factors that make it hard to detect and measure those risks,” said Bond. “Essentially the Call Journey platform provides insight and information on what is happening between the client and the business and provides a way of quantifying those communications. This allows them to access metrics that can be used to measure, manage and mitigate compliance and risk issues.

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