Australian-Based Success Story – Call Journey Cements Itself as a Leader in Speech Analytics

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Australian-Based Success Story – Call Journey Cements Itself as a Leader in Speech Analytics

Call Journey leader in speech analytics

Call Journey, provider of market-leading automated speech recognition solutions, announced today a significant acceleration in customer adoption for the calendar year 2019 and an even further growth rate of 173% from H1 to H2 of 2019.  The growth shows the importance of voice data for customers globally.

“2020 shows no signs of slowing”, said Paul Humphrey, CEO Call Journey. “We are processing record volumes of audio globally and each month, we outperform the previous month in terms of customer adoption.”

Call Journey’s growth is not just around customers but partners, with some exciting partnerships coming into play. Call Journey, the industry-leading Voice Analytics company, recently announced its partnership with tech giant – MICROSOFT.

“We are working closely with MICROSOFT to make it easy for customers to see, curate and analyse their voice-oriented customer interactions in the MICROSOFT suite of products,” Humphrey said. “The ability for customers to simply and easily manifest their voice data in the enterprise analytics suite is now real. The challenge we have always seen is for organisations to get insights easily and readily into what’s happening in their vast volumes of customer conversations. We can now do that via partnerships such as MICROSOFT and Genesys – both global leaders in customer interactions.”

The group of partners grew significantly for Call journey in 2019 from professional services organisations, to BPO’s, from Systems Integrators to RPA’s and from CX Consultants to revenue optimization firms – many organisations are now partnering with Call Journey upon realizing the value in adding voice data to the enterprise analytics mix.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth across many verticals – the banking and financial services market has exploded with the tighter regularity and compliance headwinds, telco’s and energy providers are in significantly competitive industries and the race is on in those spaces to understand and serve their customers better. “

Call Journey also continues to cement itself as the leading provider of innovative speech analytics solutions across its backyard of Australia and New Zealand. “We are seeing the geography mature very quickly in AN/Z as the adoption of audio to data processing becomes easier and more cost-effective – certainly through our model,” said Humphrey. “We see quick adoption and uses cases ranging from QA Automation, Predictive analytics like NPS, Fraud and Revenue loss, Customer Journey mapping validation, and a big uptake in marketers turning to voice data to improve marketing ROI. Lastly – we’ve seen a surge also in the RPA space as RPA organisations look to accelerate customer adoption strategies and predictive processing.”

Customers are partners in AN/Z are turning to Call Journey for a number of reasons including accuracy and flexibility of data output. “We are consistently recognised as the most accurate speech analytics provider in AN/Z,” said Humphrey. “Unlike most other vendors in our space here, our Australian and New Zealand models are created here for the geography – we don’t try to shoehorn in platforms that are provided out of geographies like the U.S or Israel who’s models don’t work here – G’Day Mate and Fush And Chups just don’t work well with the offshore models! Also, unlike most other vendors, the customer doesn’t have to use our analytics platform to surface and analyse the voice data – we have data outputs that are easily consumable in the customers’ preferred analytics environment.”

Merryl Cepe
Merryl Cepe
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