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Experience EVS in Action

EVS OnRamp Program

EVS has mastered the art of ‘Conversational Speech Analytics’ so you don’t have to be in the dark when comes to understanding what your customers and staff are saying, feeling and meaning.

Why OnRamp?

You’re here, because you want to discover insight hiding in your calls but don’t have time and resources to process ALL of them. Great idea, considering that listening to your customers has been recognised by some of the strongest marketing minds as a simple way to increase customers’ satisfaction, reduce churn and increase revenue. Understanding calls strengthens compliance and can close loopholes associated with data leakage. EVS enables you to understand conversations at scale, in a safe and legal manner.

What is EVS?

EVS gives you an opportunity to actually understand for the first time what your customers and staff are; saying, meaning and feeling when interacting over the phone. EVS is an over the top (OTT) solution – it’s non-disruptive and easy to activate. There is no elaborate planning; it is smart and agile. We invite you to discover the nuggets of gold hiding in your conversations!

How does it work?

We start with a suitable sample set of calls from your organisation so that we can successfully process them on the EVS platform. We are happy for you to BYO call recordings or use our industry approved cloud recording service; Record Retrieve. In the next step, EVS will process your recordings, or as we like to say, “the voice of your business” and produce an analytics-ready output. And now for the magic: EVS generates a data rich set of JSON files, full of information you know and didn’t know existed. We visualise our findings in a series of reports that include unique metrics such as sentiment grading, emotion, key topics, concepts, expressions and extracts mapped and analysed in multiple configurations.

As Gartner has forecast, “by 2017 some 50% of all business content held by companies will be audio and video.”

EVS is the next iteration in the evolution of Speech-To-Text (STT); engineered for accuracy, speed and scale; helping you understand every call in real time if desired. Uniquely EVS is completely tunable to suit your individual needs, making it highly accurate and valuable. EVS elastic architecture allows you to consume conversations at true enterprise scale or hone into specific interest areas such as high-value customer surveys. Say goodbye to hit and miss sampling and realise the power of understanding, every utterance across every conversation – 100% coverage.

Are you ready to remove the business blind spots hiding in you telephone conversations? Try EVS Onramp today.

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