Discover the power of conversation data with Call Journey at Microsoft Ignite Sydney

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Discover the power of conversation data with Call Journey at Microsoft Ignite Sydney

CJ at MS Ignite Sydney

Call Journey, a thought-leader in data and analytics space, announces its participation in the upcoming Microsoft Ignite the Tour in Sydney.

“Microsoft Ignite is the ultimate tech conference to go to and we can’t miss out on the opportunity to learn, connect, and explore new developments and technologies directly from the developers and integrators themselves. We are also thrilled to talk about conversation data and analytics and our partnership with Microsoft” said Call Journey CEO Paul Humphrey.

Call Journey is recognized for its market-leading Conversation Analytics enablement solution. Through advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing, its high-powered ecosystem, Emotive Voice Streams™ (EVS™) connects seamlessly to a global audio source – bridging the gap between unstructured audio and enterprise analytics via Microsoft’s advanced analytics environment. It unleashes a wealth of invaluable insights out of every customer conversation and helps companies make better, more informed decisions.

Call Journey delivers the data which directly affects the bottom line with revenue growth, optimum risk and compliance, happier and more efficient staff, and better Customer Experience.

The partnership between Call Journey and Microsoft

Call Journey’s seamless integration with Microsoft provides customers a secure and efficient way to gather insights from voice-based recordings without leaving the Microsoft Ecosystem. Customers may also choose to extend or customize their data sets, allowing safer and more secure data discovery.

Microsoft Ignite The Tour will be held on February 13-14 at the International Convention Centre Sydney. With more than a hundred deep-dive sessions and workshops, this industry-leading conference presents the very latest in cloud technologies and developer tools and brings together over 350 industry experts, professionals and guest speakers in one roof.

About Call Journey

We are all about Voice data. We help businesses achieve a complete customer view by integrating Voice into the Enterprise data mix. Our speech experts bring together Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to create the best-of-breed speech analytics engine in the market. Using this engine to harness the power of voice data, we are helping organizations find answers to some of their biggest challenges, delivering insights that directly impact customer experience, revenue, and compliance.

Merryl Cepe
Merryl Cepe
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