Call Journey enters the UK market with UK-English Language Model

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Call Journey enters the UK market with UK-English Language Model

CallJourney launches in UK

Melbourne, VIC | Dec 2019 – Call Journey, a provider of market-leading Conversation Analytics solutions, excitedly announces the launch of its UK-English Language Model, which allows its technology to transcribe the English Language, including accents and industry jargon.

“In just a few years, Call Journey has become a global market leader in the Conversation Analytics space as we continue to further grow and develop, helping more businesses not only in the U.S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but now, in the UK as well,” said Call Journey CEO Paul Humphrey.

With Call Journey AI-powered solution, our proprietary ecosystem – Emotive Voice Streams (EVS), organisations can now transcribe 100 per cent of their voice interaction from speech to text. Thanks to the advancement of Natural Language Processing, EVS has a global leading out of the box transcription accuracy and an open architecture structure that allows customers to consume previously unstructured data (recordings) in either Call Journey’s FREE conversation analytics software or in their own analytics environment.

The technology also analyses emotion based on vocal cues like tempo, pitch, volume and cadence; and sentiment based on the vocabulary used. Combining these two advanced algorithms allows Call Journey customer to greater levels of insights into interactions.

EVS data output also provides confidence scores for each word spoken, as well as for the overall call. This allows the user to remove low confidence scores, utterances or words for a higher-quality data set or improve the accuracy for things like product names, industry terms, competitors’ brand, etc, with field tuning.

Call Journey is a speech partner of many organisations including Genesys, the global leader for omnichannel contact centre solution, and SAS, the global leader in innovative analytics, business intelligence, and data management.

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