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Is Voice your Omnichannel Analytics blind spot?

3 April 2017 -

Debunking 5 myths about adding voice to Omnichannel Analytics. Omnichannel Analytics is all about customer journeys. It’s task is to connect the dots between touch points, devices, and actions to paint an accurate picture of every individual customer’s experience; to design predictable models of the client base. Businesses need to venture out of their safe data zone […]

Call Recording and The Law (Updated)

8 December 2015 -

Will it be for compliance, data analytics or assessing quality, call recording is a good idea. Just make sure you stick to the rules! Call recording laws which pertain to capturing conversations are very dense and quite complex. The states have general power to legislate and therefore their legislation often covers listening devices, cameras and […]

Data Leak Protection Part 2: Consequences of Leakage

21 November 2014 -

We have talked about the state of data leakage around the world and in Australia. This week we talk about what some of the consequence of data leakage can be. Increased compliance and auditing ASIC and other auditing bodies will sniff out any breaches from businesses – especially big players. Losing face Look to the world […]

Data Leak Protection

21 November 2014 -

Globally, in 2013,there were 1143 leaks of confidential information, involving 56 million records were recorded and reported in the media. This figure is 22% higher than the number of leaks registered in the previous year, 85% of which involved personal data including financial data. To put this in perspective, 1143 confidential information leaks means 3.1 […]

It’s About Best Practice

21 November 2014 -

Recently, a colleague of mine was telling me about her decision to switch private health insurance providers. She had successfully done so, and all was well until she needed to give the agent her credit card details and other personal information. She told me that the agent had taken her details and then had read them […]

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way: Fostering a Culture of Compliance in Your Business

6 October 2014 -

Let’s start with a video. In this scene, the Jordan Belfort character as played by Leonardo Di Caprio, displays the basis from which his ethical downfall in stock trading began. In fact, for those who have seen the whole film, will agree that most of Belfort’s trading wasn’t entirely ethical either. It certainly raises some […]