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Conversations into understanding.


20 Tips for doing Call Center Quality Assurance like a boss with Conversation Analytics

30 July 2017 -

Call Center Quality Assurance is headed for a big digital transformation. How to embrace voice to stay on top? I sat down to write this blog post after reading an excellent article from the BPA Quality team, titled “20 Call Center Quality Assurance Considerations – the Big Picture” (read here). BPA listed 20 pieces of […]

Customer Experience Technology Trends to watch in 2018

29 June 2017 -

How to invest in Customer Experience technology to move the NPS bar? Have you ever seen one of those super-popular IKEA bead maze toys? The task is to take each block for a ride through a series of twists and turns and deliver it safely from start to finish. Customer Experience has a similar task — […]

Is Voice your Omnichannel Analytics blind spot?

3 April 2017 -

Debunking 5 myths about adding voice to Omnichannel Analytics. Omnichannel Analytics is all about customer journeys. It’s task is to connect the dots between touch points, devices, and actions to paint an accurate picture of every individual customer’s experience; to design predictable models of the client base. Businesses need to venture out of their safe data zone […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Conversation Analytics

10 August 2015 -

Voice of the Customer is no longer a metaphor. A new wave of solutions allowing companies to literally hear and measure their business phone calls is here. This article is an introduction to conversation analytics. Speech analytics has been around for a while. Since its first commercial appearance over a decade ago, it has evolved, […]

Technology Every Business Should be Using is Here: Real Time Conversation Mining

24 February 2015 -

Get your hardhats on. Be ready to plunge into the business improvement goldmine with real time conversation analytics. It’s the technology business has been waiting for and it’s now available. Today, businesses are stuck. When it comes to listening to the conversations that flow through their voice channel, they’re stuck on sampling and high cost […]