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Customer Experience Technology Trends to watch in 2018

29 June 2017 -

How to invest in Customer Experience technology to move the NPS bar? Have you ever seen one of those super-popular IKEA bead maze toys? The task is to take each block for a ride through a series of twists and turns and deliver it safely from start to finish. Customer Experience has a similar task — […]

10 top predictions for the Contact Centre of 2017

10 January 2017 -

With customer experience on everyone’s lips, the contact centre is about to undergo a major metamorphosis from an ugly duckling to the enterprise’s swan. Technology revolutionises the way contact centers operate and interact with customers and employees. Here are the 10 top predictions for the Contact Centre of 2017: 1. Forget the voice/chat/email divide The […]

How Call Journey lets you measure the effectiveness of every conversation | iTWire, Stephen Withers

1 April 2015 -

Director of Enterprise Intelligence, Andrew Lamrock was recently interviewed by IT Wire about EVS. Australian software measures the emotions and sentiment expressed by callers. Call Journey’s voice analytics software goes beyond speech to text conversion by splitting the two sides of the conversation, spotting vocal elements unique to a speaker (and once the person has been […]

Phone Tapping and Call Recording: Let’s Get One Thing Straight

11 December 2013 -

Phone-tapping and Call Recording aren’t in the same boat. We talk Indonesian phone-tapping scandal and the difference between recording and tapping.

Welcome to the Future: Call Analytics

3 December 2013 -

It’s a cue for applause: call analytics technology has arrived full throttle, smoke seductively rising from its sleek frame. Call analytics technology introduces the ability to not only understand peoples’ words, but also to really know how they’re feeling and ultimately what they’re thinking.

Eavesdropping analytics walks fine line

28 November 2013 -

Headings can be misleading. Our Call Analytics technology is not just about collecting data for the business, but ultimately, it’s about collecting data to create and build an optimal customer experience model. Read the article on iStart with Andrew Lamrock.