The growing amount and variety of education institutions brings with it a greater need for resources, technology, and strategies to improve current, past and prospective student contact practices, ensuring greater graduation and recruitment rates. 

How data analytics can improve education outcomes

With actionable data sourced from Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, institutions can: 

  • Better understand students and staff 

  • Deepen those relationships 

  • Meet the engagement expectations of students 

  • Manage organizational culture 

  • Find ways to improve education outcomes such as enrolment and graduation 

  • Put data at the center of decision making with a 360-degree view of their students

Actionable Outcomes

Enhance student insights 

Predictive analysis → Enhanced student insights

Supercharge Student Understanding 

Unified student profile →  Improved and personalized student approach. 

Assess & Predict Student Sentiment  

Deep, granular customer insights → Predictive student experiences 

Automate QA 

Comprehensive conduct, culture and compliance management → Avoidance of legal, reputational and financial risk. 

Understand Context 

Enhanced understanding of student and environmental context (e.g.  COVID-19)→ 

Informed decision-making

Real-time Employee Insights 

Real-time tracking of admission/student agent engagement → Improved agent performance and retention