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Unleash a wealth of insights from voice data with Call Journey and Microsoft

Putting customers at the centre of your business is no longer just a competitive differentiator – it’s a requirement. But how can you provide exceptional customer experience when you don’t even listen to the real Voice of the Customer?

Our most natural customer interface – voice communication, is the ideal source of insights for customer feedback. However, despite billions of minutes of calls still occurring globally, companies on average analyse less than 1% of their customer conversations. This means that a vast goldmine of valuable information on how to improve one’s organization is far from being used to its full potential.

We make it simple for customers to analyse conversational data in their Microsoft environment. Emotions, compliance, sentiments & other insights can be evaluated with the help of the best voice analytics software., agent- engagement, and many more.

Voice of the Customer Now with Voice

Your business is made up of thousands and thousands of conversations. Each of them contains a wealth of insights ready to power your business growth. Discover these insights with Call Journey CI.

Call Journey’s solution streamlines the process that allows customers to analyse their voice interactions within Microsoft’s Analytics Ecosystem. We have created an environment called VoiceAI that seamlessly consumes audio from multiple audio sources and allows customers to assess and view the related conversation data easily in the Microsoft Analytics Suite – including Customer Insights and PowerBI and into Dynamics 365. As a speech analytics business with significant global experience, we have the technology, environment and expertise to make it easy for customers to add voice data to their data mix for analysis and insights.

AI, married with advanced Natural Language Processing, makes up our industry-leading solution that not only improves Customer Experience but also employee engagement, improve sales performance, reduces risks and bolsters compliance.

How does it work?

VoiceAI is an environment that has multiple upstream audio connectors and integrations that takes complex audio and related metadata and ingests it into an environment which can process large volumes of audio from call recordings and breaks them down into searchable text.

The environment allows the interactions to be sorted by emotion, tone, sentiment, keywords, phrases and more, allowing businesses to analyse 100% of their conversations, track compliance, and measure customer satisfaction – all at a click of a button.

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