Exclusive LIVE Webinar | Utilising Speech Analytics to improve customer experience and business efficiency

With advances in Artificial Intelligence and the speed & pace of global adoption of Cloud, conversation analytics is now a very cost effective solution and is fast becoming the “must have” of organisations. Call Journey is a key partner of Genesys and is their global conversation analytics partner. Australia owned & based, Call Journey processes millions of calls for Genesys customers across the world and has customers in all industries in the private sector and also in the public sector. When processing 5 hours of conversations costs less than a cup of coffee, there’s almost no reason not be utilising conversation analytics to significantly drive organisation performance through new & rich insights.

In this session we will give real life examples and highlight as to how organisations are moving quickly to adopt conversation analytics. We will cover how businesses are using AI/NLP based conversation analytics to:

1. Increase customer/citizen satisfaction

2. Mitigate risk & improve compliance

3. Measure and improve employee engagement

4. Improve Contact Centre channel cost to serve

5. Enable and drive efficiency of robotic process automation programmes

6. Add voice data to provide a holistic view of the customer/citizen

We will also see how some organisations who are utilising the Microsoft Suite of products are winning with voice data.