Call Journey #FightAgainstCOVID-19

We understand your unease and the challenges you face during these unprecedented times. Rest assured that we are doing our best to support your business during the COVID-19 crisis.

Below you'll find FAQs on how we internally respond to the current situation. You'll also find some useful tips, news and contents around COVID-19 collated from our partners, reputable sources, and sites.


How is Call Journey ensuring business continuity amid this global crisis?

With employees spread across Australia, the U.S., and the Philippines, Call Journey operates as a highly agile and digital workforce with 99% of our employees working remotely from home, full-time with options to work in our regional offices. This has been the case with Call Journey for years now. Our infrastructure, systems, and processes also adopt the same flexibility, being available via cloud, on-premise or hybrid. This has been a part of our normal culture and one of the reasons why we continue to deliver exceptional business solutions for both our partners and customers.

How can Call Journey help my organization overcome the challenges of maintaining staff engagement in a remote working environment?

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve, businesses find themselves struggling to monitor agent performance, health, and well-being and ensure productivity among their employees. Additionally, it is becoming crucial to get real-time insights into customer sentiment and emotion in this fast-moving environment. For example, you can't wait to the end of the week for a churn report, you can't wait until the end of the month for post-call survey insights (which are small data samples, anyway) and you can't wait for your marketing team to have a market feedback session with your customers.

Call Journey can help ease some of these challenges and give you a fast, enhanced view of how your agents are coping. You can instantly monitor agent performance on every customer call, analyze agent performance, engagement, sentiment, and emotion, and have a full grasp of your agents’ “health and wellbeing” even if they’re working remotely from home.

Call Journey offers organizations the ability to score in near real-time 100% of all customer and agent conversations. Our advanced AI-powered Conversation Analytics solution can process hundreds of thousands of calls every day. These calls contain a rich goldmine of insights on how your agents are performing, triggers that may cause churn, sentiment, and emotion of both agents and customers during the call, keywords, and trends, script adherence and compliance, to name a few.

Call Journey's Conversation analytics ecosystem transforms conversations into structured data and delivers results straight into your analytics system or ours.

We are also continuously working closely with our partners to help you get up and running instantly. Through our key strategic partnerships with the likes of Genesys and MICROSOFT, both customer experience solutions leaders, we aim to help more businesses instantly tap into their conversation interactions to create actionable data and insights in just a few clicks of a button.

Genesys PureCloud customers on PC2 or PC3 can turn on our conversation analytics solution IMMEDIATELY to start getting insights into agent engagement and customer insights.

We are also working with Microsoft to simplify the ability for their customers to consume voice data in the Microsoft suite of products. This includes Power B.I, Customer Insights and Key Applications in the Dynamics 365 suite like Customer Service Insights, Marketing Insights, and Sales Insights.

Is Call Journey doing anything specifically with its technology with regards to COVID-19?

Our dedicated and passionate software data engineers are currently working on:

  • Agent Engagement App/Search Criteria which allows our Conversation Analytics customers to further pinpoint the levels of agent engagement on every customer conversation.
  • Specific COVID-19 App/Search Criteria which allows our customers to get a very quick real-time finger on the pulse of customer sentiment and emotion around COVID-19

  • Our acoustic analytics algorithm also allows us to pinpoint duress in a conversation both at the client and agent level

    How can I receive technical support during the COVID-19 CRISIS?

    You can always reach out to us for any inquiries, concerns or urgent technical matters through our CONTACT PAGE. Alternatively, you can also SCHEDULE A QUICK CALL with us to discuss how we can possibly help your organization or reach out to us via email:


    Timothy Taylor

    Regional Director - APAC


    Brett Marsh

    VP for Sales - North America