Inflow Drives Innovative Contact Center Experience with Call Journey

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February 3, 2020
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March 2, 2020
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Inflow Drives Innovative Contact Center Experience with Call Journey

Inflow takes contact center experience to new heights with innovation, advanced strategies, and Call Journey AI-powered Conversation Analytics

Inflow Communications is a powerhouse in innovative contact center experience by offering ground-breaking technologies, proven methodology and data. To further help businesses in their contact center journeys, Inflow partners with Call Journey, thought leader in Conversation Analytics space, to optimize and unlock the real Voice of the Customer.

“Our partnership with Inflow enables more businesses to discover their contact center’s full potential. Call Journey technology and Inflow’s innovative strategies can lead organizations to realize how their voice conversations can be a vast goldmine of insights that can help grow and improve their businesses,” said Call Journey CEO Paul Humphrey.

Regardless of the contact center platform, or where the data is stored, Call Journey and Inflow Communications can capture audio sources via cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of both. This enables a safer and more secure way of streamlining data.

Through advanced AI and Natural Language Processing, conversations are converted speech-to-text, and are broken down into sentiment, emotion, utterance, etc. The organization also has the freedom to export data either into a visualization platform of their choice or into its own data warehouse for further analysis.

About Inflow Communications

 Inflow elevates your customer experience and makes you a disruptive force in your industry through your unified communications and contact center technologies. For more information, visit or

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