With advances in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, Conversation Analytics is fast becoming a “must-have” for organizations. Organizations that are being driven more so than ever now to gain more enhanced and accelerated insights into their citizens, customer, and patients are accelerating the adoption of conversation analytics technology. This is also a real option now for local councils where there is a continual growing need to understand in greater detail reasons and triggers for citizen contact at a more timely, precise, and granular level.

It is even more crucial now than ever before to understand citizen data in a quantitative and qualitative way and to make smarter, data-based decisions with the RIGHT data sets. Now, with Microsoft and Call Journey’s partnership, it is easier than ever for local councils to get a true holistic 360-degree view of their citizens whilst also enhancing the engagement of their employees.

Call Journey is a key global partner of Microsoft. Australia-owned & based, Call Journey has deep domain expertise in processing millions of customer conversations across the world and has customers in all industries in both the public and private sectors.

In this session, James Mather, Microsoft Australia Local Council thought leader and Paul Humphrey, Call Journey CEO will share how organisations are moving quickly to adopt conversation analytics. We will cover how local councils can significantly improve citizen and employee insights using AI/NLP based conversation analytics in the Microsoft environment to:

  • Increase customer/citizen satisfaction
  • Under citizen sentiment, satisfaction and engagement in areas such as rates, public works, water, domestic and family violence, waste and recycling, the environment
  • Measure and improve local council customer contact employee engagement
  • Improve Contact Centre channel cost to serve and enable better digital citizen interactions
  • Enable and drive efficiency of robotic process automation programmes
  • Add voice data to provide a holistic view of the customer/citizen and employee

We will also discuss how some organisations who are utilising the Microsoft Suite of products are winning with voice data.


CEO, Call Journey

For the past 30 years, Paul has been helping businesses find solutions to business pains related to workforce optimization, sales processes and lately, growing data requirements.

Paul has been working for the largest telecommunication, insurance, and financial companies in Australia, heading teams of up to 8,000 employees in call centre environment. Across his career, he had both led and consulted on significant transformation programs.

Four years ago he took a chance on Call Journey, an innovative tech startup from Melbourne using Artificial Intelligence to analyse phone conversations. Since then, he transformed Call Journey into an official partner of one of the largest market players.

Paul is a recognised thought leader in data-driven revenue protection and growth, customer experience, and operational efficiency. He is a regular presenter at global service and sales thought leadership conferences and has a passion for execution and opportunity realisation.


Solutions Specialist, Business Applications for Local Government at Microsoft

I help local government entities across Australia achieve more, through modernising applications in order to better serve their citizens and residents. I develop strategic pathways to adopt modern, intelligent business applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform that adapt to your changing needs. I'm passionate about citizen engagement and mission success.