What is Call Journey VoiceAI?

Call Journey VocieAI is a high powered conversation analytics platform that converts phone calls into information that has the power to transform your business.

VocieAI can convert large volumes of audio into a searchable text as well as data on emotions, sentiment, compliance and more.

VoiceAI seamlessly integrates with the Genesys Cloud, allowing you to streamline your calls straight into a platform and receive results in a predictable, secure process.

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Business Benefits

VoiceAI saves your business time and money by retrieving, organizing, and delivering the information contained in call recordings.

It allows your business or your clients to quickly assess the performance of their IVR systems, monitor call center traffic, track agent compliance, and measure customer satisfaction.

It frees up your employees time by transcribing large batches of calls in close to real-time with industry-leading accuracy. VoiceAI improves your compliance and security by automatically removing sensitive data.

Use Cases

  • Automate Quality Assurance checks
  • Remove costly manual review of audio recordings
  • Streamline NPS measurements
  • Discover Customer Pain points
  • Track Agent and Supervisor Performance
  • Reduce Churn
  • Map Customer Journeys
  • Improve sales effectiveness

How it works

VoiceAI is an AI-based engine transforming text and metadata into searchable, accurate and actionable information.

Ours is one of the most flexible solutions of the market, allowing your business to plug into our technology via the cloud or use the engine on premise.

We offer a range of languages and accent-based models. Data produced by VoiceAI analysis can be fed to your chosen analytics platform, or easily digested via our visual dashboard, WordBench.