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eBook: 5 Ways Voice Data Can Transform Your Organization

Despite the rise of omnichannel customer service, voice interactions continue to play a vital role in all businesses today. Read this eBook to see how insights from voice data can transform your organization beyond the contact center

Customer Experience & NPS

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eBook: How to Mine Customer Feedback

Customers are tired of surveys. Is it time for a change in feedback gathering techniques? Download this thought leadership content to know why Conversation Analytics is fast becoming popular in mining customer feedback directly from customers themselves.

Quality Assurance and Risk Management

Booklet: How to Navigate a Post-BEAR world with Conversation Analytics

Financial Services and Insurance companies can reap the benefits of Conversation Analytics. This booklet is a great demonstration of that.


Whitepaper; Data Analytics and Compliance Risk Management for FSI

Data analytics is a regulatory technology (regtech) solution that can help in identifying, monitoring, and addressing risks. Find out more in this whitepaper

Sales Effectiveness and Reduced Customer Churn

4 Campaign Conversion Rate

Case Study: Utilizing Conversation Analytics to Improve Profit Generation

Improve campaign conversion rate and cost of acquisition

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Discover 5 Ways Voice Data Can Transform Your Organization

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Understand what your customers really want to say and feel directly from the REAL Voice of the Customer

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Harness and leverage the significant advancement of AI in your CX transformation initiatives

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Using Conversation Analytics to Reduce Average Handle Time

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Do you find it hard still to navigate a post-bear world? Find out how AI-powered Conversation Analytics can help

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Delve into detail the challenges facing financial services industry and see how Conversation Analytics can help mitigate risks and bolster compliance

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Find out how a prominent US telecommunication company saw a 28% boost in conversion rate after adopting Conversation Analytics