Limit Customer Churn With Automated Conversation Analytics

Call Journey bridges the gap between audio sources and business analytics and intelligence providers. We streamline the process that allows customers to analyze their voice interactions in Microsoft Ecosystem. Our AI-based processing ecosystem called VoiceAI then transcribes the audio recordings into text and delivers a rich metadata stream containing information about the conversation. This information includes:

  • Every word and every utterance transcription and “score”
  • Gender
  • % Silence
  • Sentiment
  • Emotion
  • Call duration
  • Agent I.D, Agent/Client Classification
  • Diarization, Redaction (audio & text)
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Confidence
  • % Overtalk
  • Speaker Clarity Punctuation; and
  • Call Success
The data is then ingested into our text mining platform – WordBench or can be ingested into the customers analytics platform/s.

Buying Personas

Edith - VP For CX


Incomplete and inconsistent insights from post-call surveys.


Call Journey accurately identify what products and solutions are working and improve sales offering through in-depth customer insights. Call Journey’s AI-powered solution enables Edith to get near real-time finger on the pulse of customer insights and the risks and opportunities for her business.

Bettina - CMO


Create the right content and develop more personalized campaigns to keep the ever-growing customers engaged.


By utilizing Conversation Analytics, Lisa was able to build in-depth customer profiles to improve messaging, make smarter optimizations and provide more personalized experiences that drive revenue.



Discover the drivers behind the significant AHT discrepancies.


Call Journey is not only able to reduce AHT but also helps reduce workforce churn, monitor agent performance and improve internal product roll-out process.


Easy Integration with your own Business Intelligence and Analytics platform

Call Journey's audio connectivity and voice flow module integrates with many of the world's leading audio capture platforms, making the automated process of audio extraction from hundreds of different audio formats and structures – easy.

Data is delivered straight into your own business intelligence and analytics platform through Call Journey's Data Bridge, our very own business intelligence connector product, allowing you to easily analyze and monitor 100% of customer conversations to track agent engagement, performance and measure customer satisfaction – all at a click of a button.

Call Journey is also global speech analytics partner to Microsoft and Genesys, making it easy for customers of both omnichannel solutions providers to analyze data seamlessly and easily without leaving their analytics environment.

Business Benefits