Call Journey for Azure

We are all about Voice Data. Our mission is to unlock insights from every conversation for any organization and add the true voice of the customer and employee into the organization's data mix. 

For any industry vertical and with significantly heightened customer and employee insights available from conversation data, Call Journey seamlessly links and converts multiple audio sources into rich data available via Microsoft’s eco system utilizing Microsoft's advance analytics and insights environment.

Call Journey bridges the gap between audio sources (large-scale contact centre audio, telecommunications, unified communications) and Microsoft’s business analytics / intelligence solutions by transforming unstructured voice data into structured data full of actionable business insights.

Put simply, we make it easy for Microsoft customers to view and analyze voice data derived from large scale customer conversations  in their preferred Microsoft solution/s.

We utilize significant volumes of Azure assets. This includes an Integration MS SQL Database, the Azure Machine Learning Studio solution and utilizing our Connectors into the Microsoft analytics environment.

Accessing and converting disparate and sizeable audio sources is very complex with HUGE volumes of audio sources coming from the global contact center industry. In one year alone just in the United States, there were 260 billion inbound calls made to contact centers. Our solution makes the process easy of accessing audio, transcribing audio to data and ingesting data into the Microsoft environment with prebuilt analytics frameworks.

From sourcing the downstream audio to utilizing the Microsoft ecosystem, there are many touch points and utilization of the Microsoft solutions set. The original audio could come from Teams, the processing may touch the Microsoft Speech transcription environment and upstream the data created could make it’s way through the Azure Machine Learning studio, Microsoft Customer Insights and into CRM, Sales Insights, Customer Service Insights, Marketing Insights and visualized in PowerBI or Teams.