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Conversations into understanding.


AVDS & Call Journey Partner Up to Supercharge Business Performance Using Customer Insights

26 July 2018 -

Houston, TX, July 26, 2018: AVDS (Automated Voice & Data Solutions), a leader in contact center communications solutions, announced today its partnership with Call Journey, a leading pioneer in conversation analytics technology. The combination of AVDS expertise in delivering enterprise voice solutions, and Call Journey’s market-leading speech analytics technology, will help organizations improve episodes across the […]

Call Journey Showcases Conversation Analytics Solution at Genesys CX18 

9 May 2018 -

Leading conversation analytics provider demonstrated how to effectively mine insights, emotion, and sentiment from every call to supercharge business performance. Call Journey, a global speech analytics partner of Genesys demonstrated its voice processing solution Emotive Voice Streams (EVS) at CX18, the industry’s premier customer experience event. The event took place May 1-4 in Nashville, Tennessee, CX18 and was presented by Genesys[Symbol], the global leader in […]

Your Customers Are Talking, But Are You Listening?

24 April 2018 -

Businesses are now improving their business performance by utilizing conversation analytics as a way to tap into insights from everyday customer telephone interactions. This post was co-authored by Juergen Tolksdorf, Director of Innovations Group at Genesys. It was originally published on Genesys blog. Contact centers have been recording conversations for decades as part of either regulatory obligations […]

Call Journey and Genesys Partnership

6 March 2018 -

Call Journey and Genesys partner up to transform customer experience with conversation analytics.   A new partnership between Call Journey and Genesys is set to revolutionise the way businesses gather and assess insights from call recordings.   The partnership allows customers of Genesys to access Call Journey’s powerful speech analytics engine – Emotive Voice Streams (EVS) via the newly opened AppFoundry platform.  Call […]

Talk ain’t cheap. How to effectively mine customer feedback in 2018.

15 February 2018 -

Feedback is precious and is fast becoming a rare commodity. Customers are reluctant to answer surveys, yet the need for high-quality customer feedback is growing. Is it time for a change in mining techniques? Customers are less loyal and busier than ever. They consider anything more complicated than an NPS rating a nuisance, and will […]

How to Implement Speech Analytics – Actionable Tips from Top Industry Experts

25 October 2017 -

These tips on how to implement Speech Analytics will help you plan your onboarding better and utilize the new solution to its fullest. “How to implement speech analytics” is one of the question we wished we were asked more often! However, currently the focus is still on technology itself; the issues of security, speed or […]