Call Journey x Microsoft x SAS RG 271 Webinar


RG 271: Are your ready for October 2021?

The 5th October deadline for changes to Internal Dispute Resolution, RG 271, is just around the corner.

Join us and our partners Microsoft and SAS on Thursday, 29th of April at 11:00AM AEST as we discuss the new requirements affecting the Australian financial services industry, and how you can resolve disputes the smartest, quickest and easiest way possible.


Solving for Regulatory Requirements and Misconduct Risk Delivering 'Assurance' and Building Sound Incentives Structure

In this webinar, Call Journey CEO, Paul Humphrey discusses how Conversation Analytics can help improve compliance and risk management processes, reducing the risk of fines, legal action and loss of business by ensuring high-quality compliance standards at all times, even when you’re not actively monitoring calls yourself.


How to unlock insights from every call to improve business performance & reduce risk

In this webinar, Call Journey CEO, Paul Humphrey discusses how businesses can begin with the right data building blocks to feed into your Enterprise and Customer Journey strategy with Conversation Analytics


Utilising Speech Analytics to Improve CX and Business Efficiency

In this session we give real-life examples and highlight as to how organisations are moving quickly to adopt conversation analytics. We will cover how businesses are using AI/NLP based conversation analytics to:

  • Increase customer/citizen satisfaction
  • Mitigate risk
  • Measure and improve employee engagement
  • Improve Contact Centre Channel Cost to serve
  • Enable and drive efficiency of robotic process automation programmes
  • Add voice data to provide a holistic view of the customer/citizen

We will also see how some organisations who are utilizing the Microsoft Suite of products are winning with voice data

When processing 5 hours of conversations costs less than a cup of coffee, there’s almost no reason not to be utilising conversation analytics to significantly drive organisation performance through new & rich insights.


Utilizing Advanced Analytics to Improve Business Performance

Customer phone calls, despite being one of the most abundant sources of customer information have been largely ignored. Manual call quality assurance is costly and time-consuming. Now, thanks to the advance in Machine Learning the contents of every call are just a few clicks away!

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