Gather insights from voice-based recordings without leaving the Genesys ecosystem

Your customers are talking, are you listening?

Customer Experience is the most significant business differentiator today. It has the power to make or break your business. Conversations are abundant sources of valuable data, and successful companies are harnessing the power of speech analytics and Artificial Intelligence to drive best in class CX initiatives.

On average, a contact center agent receives or makes anywhere between 80– 100 calls per day. Each of those interactions poses an opportunity or a risk. The ability to monitor and analyse conversations gives businesses the power to control customer-agent interactions, drive customer satisfaction, improve agent engagement and enhance compliance.

Manual Quality Assurance process is time-consuming, expensive and can be ineffective. Machine Learning simplifies the process of analysing voice and makes deep listening truly possible. With Conversation Analytics, information about the contents of a call is just a click away.

With speech analytics for contact centers, information about the contents of a call is just a click away.

In an average ten minute call, 90% of the actual conversation is often ignored, and the entire focus is aimed at post-call surveys to measure Net Promoter Score.

Why does it matter?

Between “Hello, how can I help you?” and “Thank you! Goodbye”, there are thousands of words and utterances and voice pitch change which contain information about customer emotions, agent performance, company processes and products.

Now, companies are revising the value of their voice-based information sources. Businesses are currently starting to realize the potential hidden in contact centre interactions and are increasingly turning to analyse the voice interactions.

With the advancement of A.I, every word and related emotion of each call be transcribed, measured and interpreted, delivering crucial information about patterns in business performance, customer satisfaction, agent- engagement and many more.

Voice Analytics and Customer Experience

Genesys and Call Journey have partnered up to provide a secure and efficient solution to gather insights from voice-based resources. Genesys will be able to add value to their existing customers by allowing them to analyse their recordings without leaving the Genesys ecosystem & assuring data sovereignty requirements.

Call Journey’s AI-based Conversation Analytics engine, VoiceAI™, feeds information straight into the platform chosen by the user, offering a secure way of streamlining data discovery.

Conversation Analytics benefits spread beyond the Contact Center, providing insights as to what is occurring across the conversations in businesses faster.

The true beauty of Conversation Analytics is that nothing gets past it. It catches every disgruntled customer, every conversation with growing negative emotion and dissects them to discover common root causes. Most often the culprits lowering the NPS and endangering compliance are broken processes requiring heavy customer effort, misguided offers, and unresolved issues.

All these can be brought to light with a bit of smart technology.

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