QPC & Call Journey partner up to transform contact centers with AI-Powered Conversation Analytics

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October 25, 2018
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May 6, 2019
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QPC & Call Journey partner up to transform contact centers with AI-Powered Conversation Analytics

Call Journey and QPC partnership

Call Journey, a pioneer of Conversation Analytics, has partnered up with QPC, a leading innovator of contact center solutions.

QPC’s twenty-year experience of being at the forefront of contact center innovations and Call Journey’s market-leading conversation analytics technology will enable organizations to transform agent-customer interactions, drive customer satisfaction, and strengthen risk and compliance frameworks.

“We are excited to partner with QPC. We’ve done some great work with them in the Financial Services, Banking and Insurance space. Our AI-powered speech technology combined with QPC’s expertise will provide QPC customers with the tool to help them really understand the conversations happening in their business and gain fantastic insights which aren’t currently available,” said Paul Humphrey, CEO of Call Journey.

“QPC has many years of experience assessing, recommending and implementing change within customer service environments. We believe that Call Journey’s Conversation Analytics technology will strengthen our offering, allowing us to help businesses better by transforming their contact center traffic into a goldmine of rich insights,” said Peter Levine, Commercial Director of QPC.

This partnership is also great news to Genesys, the world leader in customer experience technology. Call Journey, a Genesys Global Speech Analytics Partner, and QPC, a Genesys Gold partner, are both available on Genesys platforms. This partnership offers existing Genesys customers a secure and efficient way of streamlining data discovery.

About Call Journey

We are all about Voice data. We help businesses achieve a complete customer view by integrating Voice into the Enterprise data mix. Our speech experts bring together Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to create the best-of-breed speech analytics engine in the market. Using this engine to harness the power of voice data, we are helping organizations find answers to some of their biggest challenges, delivering insights that directly impact customer experience, business performance, and compliance. www.calljourney.com.

About QPC

For more than 20 years, QPC has been at the forefront of contact center innovation. From voice to emerging multi-channel technologies, the company has long led a worldwide debate on the challenges facing customer-facing practitioners and created pioneering solutions to overcome them. For more information, visit www.qpc.com


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