CJCi and PureInsights

Advanced Interaction Intelligence For The Modern Contact Center & Beyond

Call Journey Ci and PureInsights join Genesys Sales Kick-Off 2024, bringing you detailed intelligence about what’s REALLY happening in the contact center and most importantly – why

  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Employee Intelligence

About Call Journey Ci and Genesys

Genesys and Call Journey CI have partnered up to provide a next-generation solution to automatically gather business and customer intelligence from customer interactions. Genesys will be able to add value to their existing customers by allowing them to effortlessly gain operational intelligence and analyze their recordings without leaving the Genesys ecosystem, all while assuring data sovereignty requirements.

Call Journey CI revolutionizes customer intelligence storytelling, uncovering hidden organizational opportunities in vast data. For customer-centric organizations, we employ cutting-edge AI to analyze conversations, pinpoint systemic issues, and provide actionable insights. Our next-generation analytics drive data-driven decisions, enhancing satisfaction and performance. With enterprise-grade security and flexible deployment options, including optional PII redaction, privacy and compliance are ensured. Trusted by industry pioneers, Call Journey CI is a critical business asset, transforming customer needs into business success.

What We Help Solve For:

  • Why are people really calling?
  • Why are people truly dissatisfied?
  • What can be automated/digitized
  • What is causing disproportionate call volume or handle time?
  • Is this a business problem or an agent problem?
  • How can I support my case for business transformation?

About PureInsights and Genesys

PureInsights helps simplify CX reporting for supervisors/managers and makes it easy to create and deliver custom reports. For IT and the data analytics teams, PureInsights provides access to the most detailed data including any custom data (aka “participant data” or “key/value pairs”).

Real-time, intraday, and historic data are all available for your use. 

Out-of-the box reports cover all areas of contact center management including queue/interval reporting, agent performance, evaluations, IVR reporting, surveys, WFM forecast vs actual, transcription and sentiment, work automation, and more.

Fully automated “implementation” means your business users can be using new reports in 1-2 days… not weeks or months.

Reports tailored for verticals such as BPOs, Healthcare, Insurance, Finance and Retail.

Use popular reporting tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, MicroStrategy and more to connect directly to your Genesys Cloud data.

If you need custom reports but are not experts on Tableau or PowerBI we have you covered! Our reporting tool provides an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface and dozens of reports ready to use and/or customize to fit your needs. 

Schedule and deliver reports via email as clean Excel workbooks or PDF files.

We store all your data with no end date as long as you’re a customer.