Banking, Lenders and Credit Union

Banks and Credit Unions understand that the landscape has changed and is now investing in innovative technologies like automated credit underwriting, digital onboarding, blockchain, and enhanced data analytics.


In recent years, banks and credit unions have been subject to a broader, principles-based, regulatory focus on culture, conduct and accountability. In addition, the face competition from the increasing popularity of digital banks and marketplace lenders.

To acquire, retain and grow members, there is a significantly increased need to understand these members in a much deeper way than current. With better understanding of members improvements can be made in Customer Journeys, member experience, share of wallet, marketing ROI, cost to serve and revenue per member.

Also, the clear message from regulators is that financial companies must “get your house in order”, be proactive in understanding what is happening internally, and that a defensive and reactionary approach to regulation could leave companies exposed.


  • Better Understanding members buying habits
  • Deepening member relationships
  • Meeting the Digital Expectations of Customers
  • Dealing with Security Issues
  • Being smarter with Marketing Efforts
  • Training Employees
  • Growing member share of wallet
  • Managing culture and compliance

Actionable Outcomes

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