Patient Engagement Priorities include meeting increased patient expectations, empowering clinicians and staff to respond better to patient care needs; creating continuous, proactive relationships with patients; and making patients their own advocates and involving families and communities to encourage the same.

Add voice data to the healthcare company data package to significantly enhance patient insights and tick off the list of patient engagement priorities.


  • Rapidly emerging tech for the healthcare space
  • Aging population – by 2050 the number of people aged 60 or more will more than double from 900 million to 2 billion
  • Shortage in healthcare workers – 2030, potentially 14 million workers worldwide
  • Hospital in the home (HITH) or geriatric in the home (GITH)) – understand the rising/emerging issues (i.e falls, multiple calls per patient).
  • Track key content/themes
  • Track contact hours
  • Predict patient outcomes (i.e mental health)
  • Combine data from TeleHealth insights and coding and make that more efficient – (automate consult summary)
  • Consumer expectations are ever-increasing – at any point in their journey and in every interaction engage and receive at, they expect to expect to discover, personalized care. Healthcare will have to:

    1. There will be a focus on mental health conditions and substance abuse disorders.
    2. With the rise of Telehealth, Big-box stores and atypical organizations will dive headfirst into the healthcare industry.
    3. Physician groups will gain the upper hand over hospital systems.
    4. Drive an ethics/trust-based relationship with patients (i.e. Telehealth)

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