The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly. With the over 60s population set to double by 2050, technology is innovating rapidly to meet changing needs and overcome a shortage of healthcare workers. Meanwhile, healthcare models are becoming increasingly commercialized and decentralized, with big box stores and atypical organizations entering the market, physician groups gaining an upper hand, and patients expecting a higher level of customer service.

Healthcare organizations will need to elevate their patient care practices to be personalized and compliant, and AI-driven insights will be a vital tool to driving the bet medical, financial and reputational outcomes.

How patient can be improved with data insights

Patient experience leaders are expected to juggle a lot, yet often have limited resourcing. AI-driven insights can assist patient experience leaders in:

  • Tracking key themes and issues
  • Tracking contact hours and logistics
  • Predicting patient outcomes
  • Combining patient data(i.e falls, multiple calls per patient)
  • Building a unified patient profile
  • Maintaining a highly personalized, proactive, trust-based relationship with staff and patients.

Actionable Outcomes

Call Journey’s VoiceAI software can significantly enrich patient intelligence and overall medical and organizational outcomes through high-coverage, nuanced analysis of each and every interaction, from conversational triggers through to what the patient is truly thinking and feeling. The possibilities are powerful:

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