The telecommunications industry is currently undergoing a transformative phase – to acclimatize itself per new technological and cloud trends. With Call Journey solution, telcos can be more attuned to the real voice of the customer and provide a more personalized service and better experiences.


  • Fiercer competition - Because of the availability of new technologies and the wide variety and quality of service, there is a fiercer competition among telecommunications companies and internet service providers (ISPs).
  • Complex and costly operation- Telecom companies is growing subscriptions exponentially. Coupled with a variety of new products, bundles and customized solutions, the operational support services like service configuration, customer care and billing, are becoming increasingly complex and so is the cost of handling.
  • Explosive growth of data – The impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) leads to burgeoning growth in connected services. This growth is generating billions of new data sources. Telecom companies have to find ways to harness insights from these data to be able to improve quality of service.
  • Easily sift through large volumes of voice data to get rich, actionable customer insights


  • Better Understanding customer journeys
  • Put data at the center of decision making with a 360-degree view of their customer
  • Identify and predict issues to resolve quickly
  • Provide next action guidance to agents
  • Automate 100% QA process to ensure broad script adherence

Actionable Outcomes

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