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Forensic Auditing

EVSTM provides a clean, accurate source of data that helps fine-tune your forensic auditing process. EVS™ audits the voice channel in real or rest time, turning audio content into a rich, mineable data stream at enterprise scale.

Automates a manual process

  • EVSTM creates a readable, multi-channel bi-directional transcript
  • Includes punctuation and grammar
  • Identifies each speaker within a conversation

Speed, scale, accuracy, insights

  • Crunches data at scale for mass-archive investigations
  • Processes audio files and archives at 100X real-time
  • Removes human error, inaccuracies and bias
  • Identifies key patterns and trends within conversations

Enrich data for enhanced forensic analytics

  • A range of behavioural markers including gender, sentiment and emotion against every utterance
  • Passive and active speaker identification which accurately identifies and tracks multiple voices within audio streams
  • Full diarisation to assist with forensic audit trail searches