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Data Leakage

Business conversations are a key area where data leaks can occur. And they are also a key source for investigations of data leaks. But they are largely un-monitored due to the vast number of conversations that occur daily. Analysing these conversations can contribute to a more thorough investigation, allowing business to gather powerful evidence which contains the source of truth for data leakage culprits.

Using EVS™ adds another layer of assistance in finding the source of the leak, quickly and reducing business fall out

Real-time capability: set-up flagging mechanisms which trigger an alert for keywords.

Conversational mining: extract keywords, key phrases, emotion, sentiment in conversations can lead to the leak source.

More than speech-to-text: generate a rich conversational transcript, giving you a complete view of what was said and felt by ALL parties on the call.

Get a real population view: EVS™ analyses a population group as opposed to sample.

Interested in finding out more about how EVS™ can assist dealing with data leakage in your business? Get in touch.