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Process Monitoring

Today, less than 1% of calls are reviewed and analysed for call quality. Why? Because current manual process — from side-by-side observations to small sample sizes — are time consuming requiring significant effort to monitor. EVS™ improves the quality monitoring programs by working in harmony with your current business needs.

How EVS Helps:

Listen to every call: EVS automates a manual process, giving you insights gathered from a population view. Focusing on small samples and average calls misses potentially important outliers.

Confirm utterances: EVS can surface and alert when an word was used or not.

Reduce multiple resources: traditional methods are time consuming. With EVS this search is eliminated, automatically filtering through many calls.

Regain control: stricter monitoring encourages adherence to important phrases, pushing customers to respond favorably.

Timely insights: EVS has batched and real-time capabilities, alerts can happen in real-time, creating an urgent environment with quick-acting solutions.

Remove bias: manual monitoring and sampling suffers from human bias. EVS sticks with the facts, leaving you with clean, unbiased insights.

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