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Strengthen the relationship between business and customer.


We’ve said it once, but we’ll say it again: customers are one of the most important elements comprising your business. That’s why EVS™ places a high premium on customer satisfaction. Through our technology you can create a new world of customer satisfaction, which can propel sales, marketing and of course, customer relations. EVS™ is about creating a synchronised harmony within your business, where you and your customers are the ultimate winners. We do this by improving:

Higher Visibility of Trends / patterns

Spot important verbal trends of your customers and agents.

Richer Propensity

Accurate information regarding your customers' possible future behaviour.


Get the right tools to lessen the possibility of churn.

Next Best

Accurately identify what products and solutions are most wanted.

Deeper Customer profiling & behavioural profiling

Do you still know your customers as Jane Doe? Isn’t it time you met Jane Doe?


Get the best insights about your customer lifecycle.