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Call Journey helps you to listen better


When it comes to churn, you’ve probably heard it all. The problem may not only be that you’re not sure which customers to target your retention efforts, but also how to tweak your retention methods in the best way. Are you listening enough to your customers to know when its time to consider retention methods? You need to identify at-risk customers before they defect to a competitor, why, and you also need to focus on your most profitable customers. Traditional methods of dealing with churn don’t help you truly understand why customers have left and don’t help you truly understand why or how to improve.

Here’s how EVS helps Churn

Listen to every call: as EVS automates a manual monitoring process, so now it’s easier to monitor every call.

Keyword and key phrase spotting: identify what your key customer demographics are saying. Are there customers in different points in the customer lifecycle saying the same things?

Trends and topics: unearth key trends and topics of customer conversations and see what exactly is causing a customer to churn, or what’s keeping them. You can also see what staff are saying during interactions over a period of time. Are they broaching the right topics? Find out now.

Improved market intelligence: avoid gathering lots of useless insight, gather the right actionable intel: why are customers defecting to competitors? What can you change to prevent that? EVS pinpoints and specifies the the information that you need to make the right adjustments to your churn programs.

Behavioural pattern: analyse what your customers are saying, wherever they are in the buying cycle and get a better understanding of customer behaviour through their interactions. Discover the behavioural pattern of churn customers and become pro-active in identifying future, at risk customers.

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