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Call Journey helps you to listen better

Customer Lifecycle

Are you really up to date with your customer journey? The problems today are that it’s hard to tell which customers to target based on their customer lifecycle, and to keep in-tune with ever-moving customer journeys. The focus can be on the likelihood of churn rather than overall profitability. EVS helps a business understand a customer’s journey, helps select the right time to interact with the right customer, what to say, when to say, why and how. Use EVS data to generate leads, to find, recruit and segment profitable customers.

Here’s how EVS helps customer lifecycle

Identify the best augmentations: deeper customer profiling means that you can cross sell and upsell at the right time. Through rich EVS data, understand where customers are in their journey, how they’re feeling, what are their sentiments, what they really need and want.

Customer feelings: EVS tracks emotion and sentiment from all conversations while they’re happening.

Smarter Identification: EVS spots key words and key phrases. Discover the most common conversational trends, uncover the most important key words associated with single demographics and profile individuals more accurately.

Understand specific interests: customer segmentation, and demographic understanding is smarter with EVS. Conversations mined at scale and in real time, give you a much deeper and richer understanding of your business.

Clearer view of all customer activities: EVS can help a business get a more aggregated view of customer activities.

Population, channel separated: unlike traditional methods, EVS analyses all speakers on a call, and on every single call. Avoid sample based inaccuracies and see the whole picture.

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