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Call Monitoring

Today, most calls are recorded for legal and compliance purposes, yet not all calls are monitored. In fact, only <1% of recorded calls are ever reviewed. When they do review calls, most businesses apply a sample based approach to monitoring because there is no fool-proof, automatic methods to monitor all calls. EVS enables automated call monitoring for every single call without the need for human intervention. This also eliminates human error and bias.

How EVS helps Call Monitoring

Population view: With channel separated capabilities, EVS can monitor every single call – and all parties involved. This allows for greater insights into the status of your calls.

Automation: The manual process requires human interaction. EVS scans all conversations at scale, and in real time. This also allows a business to save on the many resources which are dedicated to manual monitoring.

Real time flags and alerts: EVS allows you to flag mishaps on calls as they happen, so alerts can be sent to the right individuals. Mitigating non-compliance and treating it timely effectively is possible with EVS.

Remove bias: manual monitoring and sampling suffers from human bias. EVS sticks with the facts, leaving you with clean, unbiased insights.

Key topics: EVS enables key word analysis on conversational trends and topics so you can really understand what’s being said. It’s a more intimate analysis.

Still wasting resources for monitoring? Contact Call Journey to see how you can make better changes in your business.