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Call Journey helps you to listen better


The flaws with Net Promoter Score (NPS) are many. In addition to being after the fact, it is derived from only a small sample of interactions as opposed to the entire population. Add to that a lack of consistency and the potential for the score to be manipulated, and results are likely to be skewed and inaccurate from the start. Time to start deriving NPS scores based on all interactions your staff have with customers, while they are having those interactions.

How EVS helps NPS

Real and near real time: calls are mined for insights at real time or near real time. This means that as your staff are interacting with your customers, your staff are being scored while the conversation is happening.

Uncover the why & how: uncover the true reasons behind an NPS score. EVS unmasks customers’ true feelings by scanning conversations for their emotion and sentiment. Discover why a customer feels a particular way and how they think you could be better.

Scale up: EVS works to analyse every single call, not just a sample. This population ability means that you avoid the shortcomings of a biased sample, and delve into more accurate findings.

Key trends: discover which words were used by your customers, and which topics are usually broached. Understand themes and key customer terminology, and how this effects your NPS – because it really does.

Don’t let your business down with inaccurate NPS scores. Contact Call Journey to find out how you can get the best from NPS findings.