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Discover how Call Journey transforms customer interactions into powerful insights

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No more guesswork or heavy lifting

Customer analytics data woes? Let Call Journey CI automate the data collection, preparation and storytelling, so you can focus on what matters – happy customers.

Objective Customer Insights for Improved Decision-Making

Conversation Intelligence Al helps answer your most pressing customer questions:

What drives our customers to make contact? Why are they dissatisfied? How can our customer service be improved?

Call Journey CI analyzes customer interactions and enriches them with powerful data science models to produce a deeper understanding of your business, customers, and workforce.

Silo-busting customer insights the whole enterprise can use

You can finally democratize customer intelligence to other areas of the business.
By transforming customer insights into actionable wisdom and protecting customer privacy with PII/PCI redaction, we empower you to make confident decisions and fuel exponential growth.

Harness the power of customer interactions for strategic decision-making across departments.

Elevate your Voice-of-the-Customer practice with AI

Surveys and traditional speech analytics no longer cut it in heavily data-driven environments.

AI-enriched intelligence from customer interactions gives you an objective quantitative and qualitative view of the customer voice. This includes invaluable insights into customer sentiment, preferences, and intentions.

Embrace the future of data-driven success and propel your enterprise forward like never before.

Spending 80% of your time capturing and interpreting the Voice of the Customer?

Spend less time in the weeds of analysis, and more time achieving your customer goals.

Automated customer intelligence allows you to focus on what truly matters – enhancing customer interactions and optimizing outcomes.

Leverage automated insights to identify trends, uncover opportunities, and fine-tune your strategies effortlessly.

Continuous Answers for Continuous Improvement

For truly customer-obsessed companies, Customer Intelligence (CI) is your greatest asset.

Call Journey is a highly secure analytical platform taking customer conversation excavation to new levels. It starts by digging deep, uncovering hidden data, and ends with nuggets of gold empowering your decision-makers.

With omnichannel capabilities and a mission to make life easier for customer care leaders, we harness the power of NLP, deep machine learning, and generative AI to create a deeply layered understanding of the customer experience. Essentially, we power the feedback loops that power your business.

Customer Intelligence AI – Setting New Standards

Unleash the Power of AI: Elevate Customer Insights

When it comes to conversation analytics, not all companies are created equal.Experience the difference with our cutting-edge Al technology, delivering unparalleled accuracy and detailed insights into customer interactions.

Employee Excellence: Boost Productivity, Elevate Experience, Delight Customers

By automating workflows and empowering employees, we enhance productivity, leading to a happier workforce and, ultimately, satisfied customers.
Reduce churn with insights for training and upskilling.

Security and Compliance: Safeguard Your Business and Customer Data

We prioritize the security and compliance of your business and customer data. Our robust tech ensures adherence to industry regulations, such as GDPR and PCI-DSS, providing a safe and trustworthy environment for sensitive information.
With our advanced security measures and proactive monitoring, you can have peace of mind.

Personalize the Customer Experience: Tailored Insights for Unparalleled Engagement

We believe in the power of customer satisfaction. Our advanced technology goes beyond surface-level data, providing personalized insights and recommendations based on individual customer interactions.

Data Democratization: Empower Your Entire Organization with Insights

Break free from data silos and empower your entire organization with the power of data democratization.
Our platform enables seamless data sharing, allowing teams across departments to make informed decisions and drive impactful outcomes.

360-Degree Insights: A Comprehensive View of Your Business

Our advanced analytics platform goes beyond surface-level data, delving deep into customer interactions to uncover hidden patterns and trends. With our comprehensive insights, you can make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and drive meaningful change across your organization.

The Power of CI

Elevate Customer Experience

State-of-the-art artificial intelligence goes beyond basic analytics, offering deeper insights and predictive capabilities.


Security and Compliance

IVR, PCI, and PII Redaction

Robust data security measures protect sensitive customer information and adherence to your specific compliance regulations.

Customer Service Excellence

Agent-Focussed Features

Enhance agent satisfaction through personalized coaching, recognition, and reduce repetitive tasks, leading to better training and attrition outcomes.

Predictive Business Solutions

Proactively Address Challenges

Anticipate and solve challenges before they arise. Predict future trends, identify potential issues, and improve business planning.



Data Beyond Contact Center

Break Down Data Silos

Discover how harnessing an expansive data landscape can drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and redefine strategies for sustainable growth.

Identify Customer Trends & Patterns

360-Degree View

Insights extracted from conversations enable informed strategies for product development, marketing, and customer service improvements.



AI Tech Easily Works Within Your Environment

Empower Your Enterprise with Conversation Intelligence AI

Make every conversation count.

Imagine the future with information from customer conversations shared with CX leaders, marketing, sales, product development, operations, and other teams.
Shape strategies, refine offerings, and align business goals.
The future is now. Let’s make it happen together!

ASR transcription accuracy

Increase in NPS

Up to 350% ROI

Deploy and drive change fast

Actionable Insights

Businesses can uncover valuable information by analyzing conversations in-depth, such as customer preferences, pain points, and buying behaviors. These insights enable you to make data-driven decisions, optimize processes, and enhance customer experiences.

Performance Improvement

By identifying areas of improvement, such as agent training needs or operational inefficiencies, companies can take targeted actions to boost productivity, streamline workflows, and optimize customer interactions. It’s now easier to achieve your KPIs.

Enterprise-Wide Impact

There’s a ripple effect throughout the entire organization. We go beyond the contact center, allowing insights across different departments and functions.

Works Across Any Industry

Join a prestigious list of partners and customers who have experienced remarkable results with our Conversation Intelligence solutions.

From Fortune 500 companies to midsize companies, our technology has driven customer success across various industries.


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Revenue Improvement from Service Interactions

  • Elevate brand reputation
  • Harness actionable insights
  • Create memorable experiences
  • Streamline operations
  • Drive efficiency and productivity through automation
  • Agent performance optimization
  • Turn service interactions into revenue-generating opportunities, deliver personalized, upsell, and cross-sell offers
  • Maximizing value of customer interactions

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