Banking, Lenders & Credit Unions

Banks and Credit Unions understand that the landscape has changed and is now investing in innovative technologies like automated credit underwriting, digital onboarding, blockchain, and enhanced data analytics.

Increase member and employee insights


Many insurers are becoming more comfortable with new technologies and changing from product-focused to customer-centric organizations.

Manage climate and macroeconomics risks.


One of the 5 implications for the public sector dictates that governments should transform the way they use data in policymaking and management practice

Significantly increase citizens and constituents' insights


Patient Engagement Priorities include meeting increased patient expectations and empowering clinicians and staff to respond better to patient care needs.

Significantly enhance patient insights and tick off the list of patient engagement priorities with voice data.


Data-driven education has proven through time to help bridge the achievement, retention and discipline gaps so students and faculty alike can enjoy a seamless learning experience.

Add Voice Data to the Public Sector data package to significantly increase students' and faculty insights.


The telecommunications industry is currently undergoing a transformative phase – to acclimatize itself per new technological and cloud trends.

With Call Journey solution, telcos can be more attuned to the real voice of the customer and provide a more personalized service and better experiences.


With the advent of online shopping, shoppers are reinventing retail customer experience and how they interact with brands.

With Conversation Analytics, you can uncover trends, blocking negative experience and strengthening customer brand loyalty.

Local Council

Today’s global pandemic has proven the importance of having a system in place for government and public sector entities to better understand their constituents and what they’re going through. With Conversation Analytics, local councils get a more holistic view of their citizens to better promote their well-being and influence positive societal change.

Other Benefits of Adding Conversation Analytics by Industry