As the insurance industry continues to expand, and customer expectations continue to grow, many insurers are adopting new technologies and changing from being product-focused to being customer-centric. 

Customers expect a much faster, transparent, and more intuitive experience than they’ve ever had before. Every customer touchpoint presents an opportunity for a much higher level of engagement – the challenge remains for insurers to make the most of these opportunities.

Opportunities in data analytics

With actionable data sourced from Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, organizations can:  

  • Improve customer experience with data analytics 

  • Gain insights from experience design 

  • Seek expense efficiencies and variabilities of costs 

  • Manage conduct risk and regulatory headwinds 

  • Mitigate Climate and macroeconomic risk 

  • Be smarter with Marketing Efforts 

  • Grow Insurer share of wallet and book value 

  • Manage culture and compliance

Actionable Outcomes

Enhance NPS 

Predictive customer NPS → Enhanced customer insights 

Supercharge Customer Understanding 

Unified customer profile →  Improved and personalized customer approach.

Improve Marketing ROI 

Insights into triggers and events → to improve marketing ROI, selling opportunities and lead generation 

Increase Revenue 

Better understanding of customer journey, issues, and opportunities → More efficient and economical outcomes and increased revenue per customer 

Assess & Predict Customer Sentiment  

Deep, granular customer insights → Predictive customer experiences

Automate QA 

Comprehensive conduct, culture and compliance management → Avoidance of legal, reputational and financial risk. 

Real-time Employee Insights 

Real-time tracking of agent engagement → Improved agent performance and retention 

Understand Context 

Enhanced understanding of client and environmental context (e.g.  COVID-19)→ 
Informed decision-making