Increase Revenue with Enhanced Insights

Maximizing sales in your business takes understanding. For example:

  • D you know what your customers are buying and why?
  • Do you know which channel is most successful for driving sales?
  • And, if so, can you quantify the drivers to repeat this process in the future?


Call Journey CI’s conversation intelligence technology allows you to answer all of these questions and more.

When you have the data from every single conversation in your workplace in front of you, you can identify the exact behaviors that lead to results. You can:

  • Pinpoint he best times for your agents to cross-sell and up-sell during their calls based on previous instances.
  • Tailor your scripts to make sure each phone call taking place is optimized for a higher close rate.
  • Create specialized training programs that teach your agents how to boost your sales through best practices.
  • Reveal areas of opportunities

    With manual processing and limited insights, misunderstanding of customer buying efforts and missed buying triggers are typical. Use conversation data to reveal opportunities for cross-sell and upsell

  • Track campaign performance and customer engagement

    Understand how customers are responding to your latest campaigns and make adjustments to quickly improve outcomes

  • Improve conversion rate

    Improve conversion rate with heightened data and related customer insights around buying journey and key trigger points

Conversation Analytics - Unlock every conversation with Call Journey CI

The best way to understand your customers is to really listen to what they are saying. Listening to all those conversations is now simple, secure and affordable.

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