The past few years have seen utilities getting back to the basics. As such, there’s more emphasis on providing topnotch customer service and products related to the core business.


Utilities have not conventionally emphasized outbound communication — in part because they have erroneously mandated that the costs of customer communication be tied to revenue generation (i.e. collection, dispute resolution, etc.). Additionally, utilities have traditionally viewed customer communication as being event specific or demand driven, rather than a resource to manage the customer relationship throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Utilities are now realizing that in addition to improved customer service and customer care, outbound customer communications can dramatically help utilities avoid the future high costs of customer contact and customer service.


  • Better Understanding customer journeys
  • Put data at the center of decision making with a 360-degree view of their customer
  • Identify and predict issues to resolve quickly
  • Provide next action guidance to agents
  • Automate 100% QA process to ensure broad script adherence

Actionable Outcomes

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