RG 271 Technology Solution

How Call Journey Can Help

RG 271’s October 5 compliance deadline just passed.

Learn how to address regulatory requirements by analysing 100% of your customer conversations.

1. Assess current IDR systems with respect to the new RG 271 requirements, including your organisation’s capacity to meet them:

  • Identify 100% of dissatisfaction expressed across any and all channels

  • Monitor all items and alert on impending breaches for board attention

  • Show proactive system evolution for improved capacity to meet regulator expectations

2. Schedule a conversation with us to discuss how analytically-driven Internal Dispute Resolution can address your requirements >>

Call Journey has a tech solution that captures complaints across every channel, predicts the outcome and severity of new complaints, and provides detailed reporting on systemic issues.

Business Benefits.

Monitor Understand Leverage

Compliance Monitoring

  • 100% detection of issues across channels

  • Scale coverage through automated call parsing and analysis

Agent Performance

  • Model best practice agent behaviour and apply to all agents

  • Reduce Average Handling Time and First Call Resolution

Evolve Themes Over Time

  • Deeper insights into systemic issues

  • Identify emerging themes and patterns

Analytics Framework

  • Actively manage systemic issues to reduce call volumes

  • Optimise work allocation using AI/ ML

  • Contribute to related enterprise analytics efforts such as NPS, Churn, Fraud etc.

Timely Resolution

  • Increase awareness of impending resolution deadlines and accountabilities

Australia’s new RG271 requirements

In the wake of the October 5, 2021 compliance deadline for RG271, organisations are having to examine whether their current IDR process are sufficient to manage the financial, reputational and prosecutorial risks for senior executives. Some of the expectations from regulators include:

  1. Staff will need to be upskilled or educated to ensure that the human intelligence component of the process is both adequate and timely.

  2. An organisation will need a framework and supporting technology to assist in the creation of defensible definitions for concepts such as ‘expression of dissatisfaction’ and ‘explicitly or implicitly’ and ‘systemic vs non-systemic’ in order to automatically detect, escalate and resolve complaints appropriately.

Reduced Time Frame

Updated timeframes as outlined below:


Call Journey’s advanced AI-powered Conversation Analytics solution, VoiceAI, provides an Augmented Human in the Loop solution. This means it utilises both the technological efficiencies and outputs of AI and the unique insights and subtlety of human intelligence to generate the most accurate models underpinning dispute resolution.

Voice AI can help you address regulatory requirements by analysing 100% of your customer conversations.

Call Journey’s software uses this HITL machine learning to analyse conversations and includes a sophisticated and programmable rules engine, speech and acoustic analysis. Combined with SAS’ complementary IDR analytics this makes it quicker and easier for an organisation to adapt to the upcoming legislative changes, and subsequent new requirements over time, than constructing a solution from scratch.

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