Make 'customer-obsessed' a reality with our end-to-end conversation intelligence platform

Call Journey CI is an end-to-end conversation intelligence platform for leaders. We track and analyze every part of the customer journey, from the nuances of a single interaction through to an aggregated, actionable insight for business decision-makers. Best of all, we make it easy to share and take action on those insights.

Customer intelligence made searchable, sortable and shareable

Our high-accuracy multilingual transcription and speech analytics capabilities capture and structure your customer conversations so that you can search, sort and share at will. Our conversation analysis models surface conversation trends and cut to the core of root causes of customer issues, to be used for downstream and upstream feedback loops. We also make conversation insights relevant and digestible to other business units outside of the customer frontlines, leveraging PII redaction and BI reporting to make those insights securely shareable.


Amazing quote from customer

Silo-proof, risk-proof data sharing

To break down data silos and comply with governance protocols, we apply PII Redaction to transcripts to allow insights to be shared safely and your customer’s data to be protected.

Our pre-built BI reports make the job of closing feedback loops easier, while our open architecture allows you to export information for discretionary analysis and sharing. We don’t gatekeep your data in our platform!

Automated CX Quality Assurance & Productivity Analysis

For people involved in frontlines customer experience management, we automate call scoring with pre-built or customizable scorecards, and aggregate those results so that it’s easy to track what feedback loops need closing and guide your leaders to address the right areas.

Our productivity analysis looks beyond the standard, simple metrics, which often barely move the needle. Instead, we specialize in higher-impact, unexplored opportunities for productivity gains– we look where nobody else is looking.