Customer Experience Management

With Call Journey CI, become the MVP of your customer-obsessed organization.

We curate the best intelligence from your customer frontlines so that you can spend more time influencing your company-wide customer experience landscape and less time analyzing it.

CX managers find themselves at the epicentre of customer obsession. But...

You're being asked to do more with less.

So, Call Journey Cl does the analytical heavy-lifting for you, all while surfacing new and impactful cost optimization opportunities.

You are blocked by data silos.

Meanwhile, we extract Conversation Intelligence straight from the source and democratize it, while maintaining data security. We don’t hold your data hostage.

You're not getting the right insights and context.

That’s why our insights speak your language—we mine customer conversation data for CSAT signals, customer journey mapping, and to predict customer behavior.

It's hard to create a frictionless customer journey across multiple channels.

So, our platform captures pain points from multiple sources to help you close the feedback loop. We quickly get to the root cause of key customer issues.

Need more convincing? Here are some of our customers' business benefits:


Reduction in identified dissatisfaction


Increase in NPS


Further incremental cost savings/efficiency


Revenue improvement from service interactions

Transform your Customer Experience with deep and powerful insights

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